Relic Surf Green Mustang over 3-Color Laika Travel Guitar

This Laika has a unique voice. Taking it in once you will never let it go. Play wherever you want. The perfect guitar for recordings, classes, rehearsals and concerts.
Relic Surf Green Mustang over 3-Color Sunburst Laika Travel Guitar
- Relic Surf Green Mustang over 3-Color Sunburst
- Bolted Maple neck.
- American walnut freatbord.
- Freatbord is milled on the CNC machine, including cuts for setting frets.
- Computer accuracy eliminates the human factor that has a positive effect on the structure of the guitar.
- Frets are installed using a unique technology in an ideally prepared pad and require minimal grinding.
- The body is made out of Lightweight specially selected Ash.
- Lining radius 12 "
- Scale 25 "
- Frets - 22 Jescar Evo Gold
- American walnut bridge with Jescar Evo Gold frets.
- Zero fret ensures no difference in the sound of open and clamped strings.
- Humbucker and single coil pickups are wound by individual order, taking into account the characteristics of wood, shape and weight of the guitar
- A three-position switch gives variations in sound between the bridge and neck pickups, while in the middle position they are both on
- Aged brass fittings made on five coordinate CNC machine
- Own production brass tuner ideally keep tune. Easy strings changing without additional tools.
- Brass has a positive effect on the sound of the guitar.
- The guitar is perfectly balanced. Using the belt neck does not outweigh and does not create pressure on the left hand.

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Relic Surf Green Mustang over 3-Color Sunburst Laika Travel Guitar

Please note, we produce all guitars custom, so you will get one of a kind unique aged Laika guitar that takes us 1,5 month to produce and 2 weeks to ship.
Why Laika?
We are constantly working to make our guitars the best.
Attantion to details
Quality and accuracy in every detail.
Selected wood
We specifically select the wood for our guitars, throwing cubic meters of lumber to find the best blanks.
All fittings by our own design
There are no purchased parts in our guitar. All components are made according to our drawings.
Free worldwide shipping
We ship our guitars all over the world for free.
+1 305 332 48 97
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